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PHOTOGRAPHY is my Passion


       Hello, my name is Maria Sierra. I am a photographer and a mom of three little blessings. I grew up in New Jersey. My studios are located in Winter Haven, FL and Kearny, NJ.

I AM INLOVE with my family, my life, and my job (well not really a job I would say because I Love what I do).


I became a photographer because as a mother I know how how important it is to capture once in a lifetime memories.  I always think back on how I do not have any portraits of my pregnancy with my oldest daughter. I think about how upset that she will not be able to not show those pictures to her children or better yet her grandchildren. Don't let this be you, because maybe you don't feel like you look "ok" or are up for it but your children and grandchildren will cherish them. :)

I love when my clients come back into my studio and view their portraits on the tv screen. The expressions on their faces is just breathtaking to me and sometimes I end up with a tear in my eye. Babies/children grow up so fast and the maternity journey is just so long (although it feels like FOREVER when you are the one pregnant, right?) that I believe every moment  should be captured. 


My ultimate goal is to obtain beautiful images you will cherish for the rest of your lives. I want you to have photographs that capture your love and the beauty that is unique to your family.

behind the scenes of a newborn session

I really hope we can work together as I would love to capture those once in a lifetime memories , the beauty, the magic, and the love in your life.

behind the scenes of a cake smash session
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