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Favorite 10 Newborn Poses

I wanted to create this blog to talk about some of my favorite and popular newborn poses. In addition, I wanted to go over some concerns with some of the poses, what to look out for as a parent and as a photographer to make sure you are doing them properly.

Froggy Pose

1. Froggy Pose

To be honest, this is one of the hardest poses in newborn photography. The biggest issue I have seen is many upcoming photographers don’t actually properly know how to pose baby in this way in making sure to keep them as safe as possible. Unfortunately, there are established photographers who do this pose incorrectly as well. I won’t even lie, it took me Forever to get this pose down. My advise to you is: if someone is handling your baby in a way that makes you feel worried or uncomfortable please do SPEAK UP! It is definitely okay to say it makes you uncomfortable.

This pose should always be done as a composite. What does that mean? It means your newborn photographer should be creating your portrait with two separate images (one holding their hands and one holding their head) and then photoshopping them to make the hands disappear.

If you’re a photographer and don’t know how to do this, PLEASE do not try it on a baby. Practice on a doll (below pictured is the stand in baby) until you are 110% confident enough to do it.

2. Chin On Hands Pose

I absolutely love this pose. I think it is the most adorable pose ever. So many different portraits can be created with just one single pose. My favorite is zooming in close to capture the small details of their lips, nose, and tiny fingers. These are portraits you will always look back on and smile everytime you see them.

3. Bum-Up Pose

This pose is known as the "simple" and "easiest" newborn pose in the newborn industry. It is a little tricky at first but after some practice and getting the hang of it adjusting whatever you use under the blanket it will be perfect. I have used so many different things under the blanket from towels, rolled up hospital blankets, "beans", and now the shape shifter (from Hello Little Props, it has been a life changer). Once you find what works with you best, I promise you, you will love this pose. And just look at all those cute bums and baby rolls. Priceless!

From this same exact pose, so many other portraits can be created without disturbing the baby. See below some examples.

4. Egg Wrap Pose

This pose is definitely one of parents favorite. Every time I pose the baby like this, I get lots of awww's. Since babies are extremely flexible for such a short period of time, this pose should be done when babies are between 5-12 days new. I believe this pose is perfect to show exactly how flexible babies are after birth. It’s just so cute the way baby is so curled and you can see the little toes, fingers, and all of his/her little features.

5. Womb Pose

In this womb pose babies become so cute and squishy in this little pose, resembling how they were in mama’s belly! This pose offers the benefit of showcasing the facial expressions as well as the cute little hands and feet.

6. Side Laying Pose

This pose is a sweet little pose that most babies like to do! As the name indicates, the baby is posed on his or her side. The hands are under the chin joined together.

The side pose offer considerable opportunities to customize, with the color of the blanket matched to baby's skin tone, to dressing the baby in a wrap to contrast with the blanket, and caps/hats/crowns/pants/skirts to make the little one seem as special as he or she truly is.

Potato Sack Pose

7. Potato Sack Pose This is another one of those controversial poses (&  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have controversy regarding certain poses). It means that people care – and in this line of business it’s totally a good thing. The problem that some see with this pose is the possibility of constricting baby’s airway. New photographers don’t understand the risk with baby being in this position and having the chin too close to their chest. Think of it like a bendy straw – if you bend it all the way down, it cuts off the flow. Same with baby’s airway. So again, if you’re a newer photographer and you’re not 110% comfortable, either don’t do it at all – or do it as a composite like the froggy pose.

Toes Peek Pose

8. Toes Peeking Pose This pose is farrr my favorite. If you follow me on social media I’m am pretty sure you can tell, I am completely OBSESSED with baby toes! I can't even express into words how much I love this pose. I mean who doesn't love baby feet, right? Just think, in a couple of months their feet will not be this little anymore.

Bucket Pose

9. Bucket Pose This bucket pose is also always a huge hit with parents – they love it. One thing I will say about this pose, is to make sure baby is stable – I have an assistant always hovering right out of my camera frame in case baby moves even the slightest bit. Sometimes if baby is really “floppy” and their head won’t stay in position, I’ll have my assistant hold the top of their head with one finger and then composite it in photoshop later.

10. Prop Pose

I am a sucker for newborn props. This is possibly the most simple pose baby does in the studio. This typically includes baby wrapped up in a bowl, bucket or crate. A quick glance at the photos of my studio or my shopping bill will easily prove this. My personal belief is that each newborn has a different personality - yes, even at that age - and that each parent has different desires and dreams for their newborn.

Props are an excellent method to extend that personality into the physical realm, and to incorporate the parents' desires into the newborn photography session.

My biggest concern, regardless of the pose, is always baby’s safety. There is no pose I want bad enough to risk their safety, ever. But any given session, these are definitely my favorite newborn poses! With all these poses their are several variations you can get from them as well. You can get different angles, headbands, hats, layers to cover part of baby – there’s so much you can do with every pose!

If you’re searching for a Newborn Photographer in Northern New Jersey, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today. – feel free to take a look at our package list and contact us. I would love to photograph your little one.

All newborn sessions take place at our studio located at 124 Schuyler Ave. Kearny, NJ 07032. We have everything needed for the newborn session therefore you do not need to worry about anything as we know the first few days are a little overwhelming. We have a high variety of props, all of which are available to our clients.

Newborn sessions are best done when baby is within 5-12 days new. To ensure availability it is best to book when you are in the third trimester.



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